Hack@Brown 2016 (go back)

Design work for Hack@Brown, Brown University's annual hackathon. As a member of the 2016 design team, I worked on branding, illustration, website designs, and other print/digital collateral for the event, as well as for workshops held throughout the academic year.

Hack@Brown values learning and building–especially for first-time hackathon attendees. We work to make our hackathon and workshops as accessible and non-intimidating as possible. As such, we tried to convey a welcoming, friendly tone through our branding and designs.

One team member and I worked together on the responsive landing page for hackathon registration. You can check it out here: 2016.hackatbrown.org

In our branding, we incorporated a paper motif that can be seen in the various origami-like elements and ever-present confetti. The intention was to evoke playfulness and a sense of "making" and "building", like the act of paper-folding.

Below, a fun poster series announcing registration with well-known song lyrics in code syntax.